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What does it mean to have a love that gives everything radically and faithfully?

Giving a lot. Giving continuously. Giving without hesitancy.

Many people call it Agape love, which is selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love.

Though it is a beautiful picture of what love is, trying to apply that standard to our own life can be disappointing.

I myself attempted to live that out, and I ended up swinging to the extremes of the spectrum of agape love.

When I was young and naive, I desired to live radically in my love, giving everything I could to the person I encountered…

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Reading through a lot of different articles from DesiringGod and listening to the online sermons and podcasts from Easter Sunday, I realized during this Easter Monday how powerful, beautiful, and connective Easter Weekend is:

  • Good Friday: The definitive sacrifice that tore the veil between man and God.
  • Holy Saturday: The waiting ground of seemingly broken promises and a weighty absence of Jesus who “died”.
  • Easter Sunday: The magnificent signature that secured our faith and brought light over the darkness of death.

Good Friday

What’s so Good about Good Friday?

It was a day of complete humiliation and suffering for Jesus.

A day…

Hello friends,

Greetings from Austin!

Whether you’re hanging with your family amidst an extended spring break, chilling at home with a loved one 6 feet away to social distance, or chilling by yourself, I hope everyone is pushing through this quarantine time!

I was talking to a friend this week and sharing that even though it’s a difficult season to face, it’s amazing to imagine the global camaraderie we all experience going through this situation step by step together.

When I think of the last time everyone felt this connection of a crisis altogether, I think of 9/11 (which was…

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The city of Austin has gone through a hectic week.

Two cases of the virus have arisen within UT Austin, many companies have instated mandatory work from home for the next several weeks, and all gatherings with 250+ people are enforced to be suspended (including my church’s prayer gatherings and Sunday Service).

As I watch all this unfold, it’s been painful to experience, and it all seems too surreal.

Most of the time, this devastating news seems to happen in other areas of the world, and I only view it from a third-party perspective — detached with only a bit…

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I got to go to my church’s congregational retreat this past weekend, and it was very timely.

As a new graduate software engineer trying to figure out how to balance serving well in ministry, taking on entrepreneurial endeavors, and blessing my family and friendships, I felt like the retreat’s focus on “Calling” gave not only a theological foundation to understand and discover clearer purpose, but also gave practical ways to live out faith without compromising my own personal identity/gifts or the primary calling God has given me.

One thing that stuck out to me that the speaker, Pastor Pete from…

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Recently, I have started to get really into reading Enneagram types.

If you don’t know what Enneagram types are, they’re personality types based on characteristics and behaviors we lean towards. Similar to Myers Briggs, Enneagrams provide a different lens that, in my opinion, gives a more complex understanding of who we are, and has many interesting applications to work, relationships, and personal reflection.

If you haven’t taken it before, I highly recommend taking the Enneagram Test. (I am a type 2 wing 3)

As an Enneagram type 2, I love to help people — to care and support others as…

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I’ve been reflecting over an interesting conundrum for the past few months.

How can a leader lead if their heart is not for what they follow?

Currently, I lead a Life Group and care for the freshmen college kiddos at my church, serve in ministry on A/V, and take part in several disciple relationships with brothers of faith.

Yet I am going through a season of disobedience in my faith, where I am in a scary lull of not desiring to pursue after Christ.

This season is very deceptive because, on the surface, there doesn’t seem to be any problems…

Disclaimer: This is a personal reflection of my own thoughts from the event with the intention to raise awareness of injustice, to incite reflection, and to ultimately encourage towards love.

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Do you know how scary it is to hear the words,

“Oh man, another shooting just happened.”

And notice those words roll through your mind, stealthily becoming noise before you find it lost in the midst of conversation?

That’s how I felt after hearing about the El Paso shooting.

The news didn’t register quick enough and before I knew it, it slid swiftly by.

I feel a sense of unease…

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You’re stupid.

That was the dumbest thing you could’ve ever done.

I can’t believe you did that.

That’s what I tell myself so many times a day.

It’s kind of scary the number of times I say those phrases to myself.

Even when I don’t say these negative words aloud, my self-deprecating self finds a way to ease itself into the conversation.

As I reflect on the harsh phrases I beat myself with, I realize that one of my biggest insecurities is being considered unintelligent. …

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Isn’t the God of the Universe so amazing and magnificent?

He is one who is so many things. The Redeemer, Healer, Perfecter, Creator, Giver, Lover, Savior, Sanctifier, Restorer. He’s the Alpha and the Omega. And His sovereignty is so hard to grasp.

The ways that He works is a mystery.

As someone who is perfect, He desires that justice happens. That any iniquity or sin that is noticed should be blotted out, because it cannot be in His holy presence. And it is not through decision, but out of His own nature. Holiness and perfection cannot be in the realm…

Eric Lee

✝ ~ Type 2w3 ~ ENFP - SWE @ RetailMeNot & Substack writer ~ pointing self and others to Christ ~ "Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing" ~

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