• Sona


    I was a Junior-Scientist, cloning herbs in laboratory when I started journey in Digital Marketing world. Check my blog http://www.seona.co.uk/

  • Bobby Thakkar

    Bobby Thakkar

    Build. Design. Explore. Student. Nomad. Trying to launch a startup. Automating my life.

  • Eric Yeung

    Eric Yeung

  • Dilan Hira

    Dilan Hira

  • Levi Villarreal

    Levi Villarreal

    I write code + more!

  • Alexander Tekle

    Alexander Tekle

    Youth Coder — Mature Aspirations

  • Alberto Godinez

    Alberto Godinez

  • Anna Kizer

    Anna Kizer

    Lover of good food and good design | https://www.annakizer.design/

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